If you’re looking for a way to take your production process to the next level, laser cutting could be precisely what you need. Southern Spring and Stamping, Inc. specialize in providing laser cutting services that can help businesses streamline their production process by producing parts with precise shapes and outlines efficiently and accurately. 

With the latest laser metal cutting machine from Southern Spring and Stamping, there is no limit to the possibilities of what our customers can create.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a fabrication process to laser cut metal into precise parts. A laser beam cuts materials with high precision without physical contact between the laser and the material. This eliminates any potential damage to the material and creates very clean edges and tight tolerances on the finished product. 

Laser cutting is a highly versatile technology that can be used for anything from short-run production of prototypes to large-scale production runs of thousands or more parts. It can also produce intricate shapes with complex geometries that cannot be achieved with other manufacturing methods. 

The accuracy and speed of laser cutting make it an ideal choice for applications that demands precise parts within tight production timelines.