Southern Spring and Stamping, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturing company that produces superior-quality precision and industrial springs, wire forms, stampings, various sheet metal fabrications, machining services, powder coating, and more. We have been operating for over six decades, and we consistently deliver top-tier products that will exceed your expectations.

Through the years, we have worked with numerous industries. Fortunately, it has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding regarding the needs and wants of each of these sectors. Therefore, you can trust us to provide your desired results with little to no error.


Multiple Processes & Machining Services We Provide

As aforementioned, we have various processes and machining services available for our customers to choose from. These services are as follows:

Each industry can find these services useful in whatever projects they encounter. So don’t hesitate to come to reach out to us – we’ll find the correct solution for you.


Main Industries We Serve

Our numerous products are ideal for the different needs of the diverse mix of industries. These sectors use these for a variety of applications. So we provide custom products according to their specific requirements and preferences.

Tension Spring


In the aerospace industry, we provide world-class aerospace metal stamping services that are integral to this demanding industry. Metal stamping is used for a variety of applications. But we’re already familiar with what this sector requires to make their project successful.

We can perform a variety of stamping operations, which includes the following (but are not limited to):

  • Compound die
  • Progressive die
  • Slide forming
  • Deep draw

We have many other processes that the aerospace sector can take advantage of. And you can trust us to produce results you can trust.


The agriculture industry is another sector where various small parts or components are needed for different types of operations. For instance, springs and wire forms are essential since these are used for high-tension materials, such as conveyor belts.

Our precision springs and wire forms can be used in numerous agricultural projects, from animal feed to seed separation machines. We understand this sector’s unique necessities, so we ensure each component is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Overall, you can rest assured that it will never fail.


Another demanding industry with a harsh environment is the construction sector. Here, various machining services are required for their sheet metal parts. Therefore, one of the primary services they can use is sheet metal fabrication. Sheet metals made from our unique method are used for various construction projects.

Examples of construction applications using sheet metals:

  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Canopies
  • Industrial platforms
  • Steel frames

We can create a commercial sheet metal for your construction needs. With our team of welders and specialists, we can produce the right metal parts that you want for your procedure.

Electrical & Electronics

The electrical and consumer electronics industry uses various small parts and components. In this industry, electrical equipment such as radios, cellphones, routers, power supply units, and many more are developed. Each piece of equipment and device will require quality parts to ensure that they work correctly, such as springs and wire forms.

Some products they use:

  • Compression springs
  • Strip wires
  • Wire forms

If you require these products, design considerations are necessary. For instance, wire forms encompass a wide range of materials. It’s to ensure that energy is transmitted properly and efficiently.


The HVAC industry comprises enterprises producing and supplying products like air-conditioning units. Therefore, they will require parts and other materials where durability is necessary for a better outcome.

Other products available in this industry:

  • Commercial dehumidifiers
  • Large heaters
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Ventilation fans
  • Boilers
  • Fan coil units
  • Warehouse fans
  • Man cooler fans

Our range of HVAC products is perfect for catering to the needs of this sector. We have precision stampings, springs and wire forms, and other CNC machining services to ensure your products work perfectly.


Southern Spring & Stamping medical springs

We also specialize in medical springs. These are springs made for the medical industry. They’re utilized to create devices and equipment used to diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions.

Our range of products includes the following:

  • Extension springs
  • Compression springs
  • Torsion and double torsion springs
  • Belleville springs

We also have medical stamping, where we can stamp close-tolerance metal parts economically and efficiently. Plus, we can achieve any results, even complex geometries.


Most of our services are ideal for the petroleum industry. It’s a global operation where extraction, refining, exploration, and gas transportation are necessary. The equipment used in this environment needs constant attention. Therefore, reliable parts and components are the best options to ensure that all operations continue smoothly and without a hitch.

For instance, we can produce quality parts with our CNC machining services, sheet metal stamping, commercial powder coating, and more. We specialize in the needs of our clients in the petroleum industry, so we know how to handle them.


The pharmaceutical industry is where scientists develop medicines. It’s where they focus on finding a cure for different illnesses and diseases. So their operations and processes must remain stable with quality products from our other services.

Fortunately, we’re here to provide the necessary parts and components through our different machining services and processes. With our exceptional services, you can guarantee that every product created will be reliable and accurate.


Valves are required in different facilities because these are devices that control the gasses, liquids, and slurries that go through the pipes and tubes. So it is integral in every industry where pipe and tube fittings are crucial. Fortunately, we can manufacture your desired valves with your specifications and preferences.

CNC machining is the primary process used to create valves. With our state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we can manufacture valves of the highest caliber.


Custom Solutions from Southern Spring & Stamping

We’re a reliable manufacturer that can provide custom solutions to achieve your every desired result. We know that every industry is different, so we have the equipment and capabilities to produce products that meet your requirements while ensuring that all your expectations are met.

If you require customized goods, parts, or components, we’ll provide you with the best solution for any project.


Let Us Handle Your Parts & Components with Great Quality & Care

Our professional engineers have the expertise to handle any of your orders from our available services. So if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can also request a quote, and we can find the best answer to your problems.