Southern Spring and Stamping Inc. provide top-notch CNC machining services. We have experts with the capacities and knowledge to ensure you receive the best results from our CNC machining process. Furthermore, our in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment can handle your orders.

CNC Machining

We have 3 vertical milling centers with pallet changers and can make some pretty complex parts with accuracy. CNC machining is a necessary manufacturing process that numerous manufacturers provide today. But with our decades of experience since 1957, we have become a leader and a reputable service provider focusing on customer success. Having these capabilities in-house is aa tremendous advantage when you need a full assembly because we have it all under one roof.


Swiss Machining vs Turning?

Our newest addition is our cutting-edge in-house Swiss machining capability. The machine can work on both sides of bar stock at the same time and drop a finished part with no human interaction. We literally just load the bar feeder. This allows for lights-out production 24/7, maximizing throughput and reducing turnaround times. Our advanced machines tackle complex geometries and tight tolerances with precision, making them ideal for intricate parts. Whether you require high-volume production runs or smaller batches, think swiss at Southern.