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Compression Springs

Types Of Compression Springs

Types of Compression Springs

Compression springs are coil springs that hold mechanical energy in their compressed states. When these springs experience a compression load, they compress and become shorter, capturing and storing significant potential force. Once the load is diminished or removed, the stored energy forces the springs back to their original shapes and lengths. The following page provides…

Guide To Compression Spring Design

Guide to Compression Spring Design

Compression springs are very common and used in a broad range of applications. Characterized by an open-coil helical form, compression springs offer resistance to axially applied force. In essence, when force is applied on a compression spring, it pushes back. This occurs because the spring is designed to return to its original resting state when pressure is applied.

What Is The Compression Spring Manufacturing Process?

What is the Compression Spring Manufacturing Process?

Spring manufacturing requires an artistic touch. Manufacturers use many different techniques to create symmetrical springs that retain their ability to absorb shocks and store energy while keeping their shape over long periods of time. At Southern Spring and Stamping, we use coiling, winding, or bending processes to create high-quality springs through both manual and automated…